Small art market Baumwollbaum

The Baumwollbaum is a combination of small art market, creative meeting place, concert and cultural event. The idea behind it is to present handmade and regional handicrafts in a multifaceted cultural ambience. Creative exchange and diversity are more important than the pure sales idea. Traditional craft techniques and processes should also find a platform here in order to preserve them for the future. The Cotton Tree is accompanied by a supporting programme ranging from choral music and fire shows to a poetry slam.

Creative artists and craftspeople from the professional and amateur sectors can take part. This openness is expressly encouraged. The Baumwollbaum is a non-profit initiative. All proceeds go towards the organisation and staging of the event as well as artists' fees, Gema & fees.

The name Baumwollbaum is a tribute to the history of the city of Chemnitz, which was once an important centre of the textile industry. The name "Baumwollbaum" refers to the cotton mills that were once located in the city. The cotton tree also stands for the revitalisation of Brühlboulevard as a community space and neighbourhood district.

The Baumwollbaum has been taking place on Brühlboulevard Chemnitz since 2014. The exact locations may vary from year to year, but they are usually easily accessible and offer sufficient space for visitors.