Rebel Art Gallery

The Rebel Art Gallery is the mouthpiece for the creative network Rebel Art and is also a connecting factor between the local Chemnitz art scene and internationally active artists from the fields of street art, urban art and graffiti.

The selection of exhibits pursues the aim of showing art that has its origins on the street. As a gallery, the viewer is shown an unadulterated identity instead of a hodgepodge of misguided perfection. The gallery's own artists create harmonious contrasts of humorous art, razor-sharp photorealism and longing line games. In addition, the network around the Rebel Art Gallery is constantly expanding to show what the scene has to offer with changing exhibitions.

The Rebel Art Galerie has a permanent exhibition space on Chemnitzer Brühl, where around 2-3 exhibitions take place each year. In addition, the gallery occupies larger areas and rooms in the Etzdorf transformer station, where it is possible to realise large-scale paintings and installations.