Mural Trail Chemnitz

The Mural Trail

The Mural Trail project initiated by EKG e.V. is the association's contribution to Chemnitz Capital of Culture 2025. MuralTrail is a free gallery route through the whole of Saxony. In addition to murals and street art projects, the trail includes all forms of art in public spaces. These were and are recorded in an app by the association as well as the users themselves. The app offers a corresponding route based on the respective location and the user's selected interests.

Internationally active street artists and regionally active artists design this trail through their work in various forms. The special feature is the cross-disciplinary and cross-generational cooperation between deserving and young regional and international artists. The trail will not only be a reflection of European street art, it will also become a mirror and monument to Chemnitz's art history.

The "young" façade artists of the Rebel-Art team and the network of the European Art Community e.V. are specifically seeking contact with greats of the Chemnitz art scene who were also active during the GDR era. Knowledge transfer and artistic exchange play a key role for the creatives. In recent years, for example, facades in Annaberg, Oelsnitz and Chemnitz have been decorated with works by Carl-Friedrich Claus, Dagmar Ranft-Schinke and Willybald Mayerl.

In the exhibition "Old Masters and Young Wild Ones" at the Rebel Art Gallery in 2020, Guido Günther, Markus Esche and Dagmar Ranft Schinke showed how this collaboration and dialogue works on canvases. As a result, a large-scale work by Dagmar Ranft Schinke was realised on a facade, which is now part of the Mural Trail.

The Mural Trail is not just a pure street art project. Rather, it also aims to be a link between various art forms, from the traditional to the modern, in public space and to make these accessible to a broad public.